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3D Systems is not a new name when it comes to the 3D printing world. It has been committed to providing great quality products as they have focused on understanding and eliminating the barriers to broad utilization. Nowadays, their main focus is on democratizing the access and to boost the adoption of 3D printers by students, professionals, and common users.

ProJet® 1200 is an all-in-one micro-SLA that helps you print quickly and economically using the built-in features that always come in handy. The ProJet® 1200 is the best 3D printer for printing small, precise and detailed parts and that includes jewelry, electronic parts and more. It is so compact in size that it can be fit anywhere and everywhere so it is an excellent choice for home users. Despite its small size, it delivers excellent print quality and unmatched part accuracy in addition to the flawless smoothness. The print volume of this printer is 43 x 27 x 150mm and it prints 30-micron layers at a 585 dpi resolution.


ABS Materials and PLA Plastics

There are 6 durable printing materials tailored for this printer for plastic prototyping and another great thing is that the casting patterns make this printer an ideal one for jewelers. This is a DLP based system which has a little resin-curing pico generator and that helps users add in more detail and graphics to their prints. One curious drawback is that the post-curing station is not large enough to hold a print of a good height. However, it is no big deal because it can be overcome easily and there is a two-line LCD display and a single green main button to keep the controls simple. There is the option to send the files to the USB but it works flawlessly when the files are received over the Wi-Fi.

Just like most of the 3D systems, the build area of this printer is tiny but it needs to be because of the way its design is made. Due to the fact there is on layer-separating mechanism in there, it limits the final prints to very small objects or ones with very small cross-sectional area. But this is taken as an advantage by dentists and jewelers who need to print small objects and have to make use of processes that need clean burnout. The connectivity is not as good as MakerBot as you may have to update the firmware, plug and unplug the USB to make it operational again. However, if you’re looking for fast results, then this is the one for you as it prints faster than you can bake a cake. So this also enables the users to buy it for high-volume use, given the fact that it is economical to own.

Mass Customization

Mass customization has now been made possible because of 3D printers and the ability to customize and modify the objects has changed the world. Using the same build chamber, a lot of products can be manufactured simultaneously according to the user requirements and preferences. Also, with the availability of the 3D printers, the proliferation of products has been taken to another level and things can be achieved that would not have been possible without the 3D printers that add the amazing level of complexity. The industrial applications have also been enhanced because of this because components are being made that are both lighters and stronger at the same time.

Benefits of 3D

A very notable benefit of 3D systems is that there is no risk of the final product varying from what you ordered. This is because when the construction is left to the imagination of the constructor, it always changes from what was originally ordered. With a 3D system available, there is no room for ambiguity as you hold the exact or at least a very closely related model of your conceptual design.

There is no need for tools and equipment when all you need is a compact 3D printer 3D system to build almost anything you can imagine. 3D systems have a great future in industry because prototyping tools and production runs are really costly. However, with the availability of 3D printers, one can create tools and parts through additive manufacturing and greatly reduce the costs associated with this process.

The one thing that can’t be achieved through virtual prototyping on the computer screen is that you can’t get the feel of the final product. However, this is not the case when you have a 3D printer with yourself so that you can immediately get the product right into your hands and get the feel of it. The freedom of customization and personalization has been taken to the next level and one can actually 3D print anything after drawing it on a paper. Last but not the least, it is really sustainable and environment-friendly with no harmful effects on the environment.

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