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Cube 3 3D Printer Review



The 3D Systems Cube 3 is a mid-range 3D printer that fulfills a lot of 3D printing needs and it has the capability to produce items with great detail. The thing that distinguishes this printer from other printers is that it produces excellent detail and smooth layers in both PLA and ABS plastic. Moreover, it is easy to use and it is definitely a great pick for beginners and to put at schools or office and people can learn to use it quickly. Hassle-free printing is no longer a problem if you have access to a Cube 3 3D printer that comes with 2 extruders in dual-color printing with up to up shades of ABS and PLA plastic.

Main features

One of the main features of Cube 3 3D printers is the availability of Wi-Fi and there’s also an option to control it from the PC. Not only PC but it can also be controlled from MAC and any Android or Apple device. One drawback about Cubify Printers is that they use materials in cartridges so that this is to be bought from the company and is relatively more expensive.

The design of these printers is pretty simple yet effective and elegant-looking and resembles a bit of that Apple-like simplicity. The design of the printers is formed in such a way that most of the moving parts are enclosed under clear plastic. This way, the material is hidden from you and you only get to see the desired shape being printed cleanly. Unlike the typical 3D printers, Cubify printer builds part of this into the filament cartridge itself and gives exceptional quality results. Because of this, there’s no need to clean out the extruder and you get a new print head with every new cartridge.

Quality is a major concern when the customers are buying Cubify Printers and using The Cube allows you to print in the finest form possible. However, one drawback is that the metal end of the tube doesn’t always snap into the place. But this is not a big issue as this can be fixed by removing and inserting again the metal end. One major downside of the 3D Cubify Printers is that they make you spend more on the cost of materials. 3D system charges you $49 for one cartridge and each of this contains less than 2 lbs. of filament as opposed to typical printers that use generic filament which costs around $30 for 2 lbs.

The Setup

The setup process of the Cube 3 is pretty easy as you get to enjoy the fully automatic and you can start printing within half an hour after opening the box. Most of the time in setting up is spent on letting the printer its calibrations. Moreover, there’s a theme with this printer that hides all the technical aspects of the printing process that makes the whole process look seamless.

The Cloud-based controls and software makes the printing process much more fun as the printer itself comes with a 2.5-inch touchscreen. Using that screen, you can choose which model to print and do a whole lot of stuff like connect to a Wi-Fi and also change the material to print.

The Cubify software overall seems like a software that is a big improvement into the complex world of 3D printing. The icon-based system guides you through the whole process and makes it easy to import a 3D design. One of the things difficult to master but very useful in 3D printing is translation and rotations. Both of these are unintuitive and like MakerBot software, it doesn’t allow you to use the mouse to move the object in real time. It is a bit noisy when compared to the other printers but still does a better job than those. However, this is perfect to use at home or office because of its lightweight design and decent structure.

13 inches tall and 10 inches wide is a size that can be fit anywhere and even in the tightest of spaces. The Cube comes in a variety of colors and there is no housing enclosure to protect you from the print head and hot elements on the printer itself. However, one thing that is worth noting is that it is better to keep the children away to prevent injury.

The print quality is more than fine and it produces really good quality prints when worked with excellent detail. The Cube has the capability of producing really, high-quality print with the details of the original piece that you’re trying to replicate. It produced great results on all the tests and the printing speed is also admirable so it certainly delivers the value for money. It is certainly a good and flexible option for educational setting as it is quite easy to learn.

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