Scribbler 3D Pen v3 Review

Scribbler 3D Pen V3



If you haven’t heard much about 3D pens before then you needn’t worry because they work just like a normal pen or pencil. Not to mention, it is a little heavier because instead of lead or ink, there is plastic inside it. Use it as a traditional writing instrument and there are plastic filaments that replace the ink and you can get them in any color and feed the plastic from one end which is liquefied by a heating element. The latest version of the Scribbler 3D pen V3 comes with a big LED screen that lets you unleash your creative skills. When you have such power of creation in your hands, you can run rampant in your studio and create almost anything with great precision and detail.


The functionality of the 3D pen is somewhat like that of a glue gun and as you draw something, the liquid plastic becomes hard as it leaves the tip of the pen. You can make drawings and shapes with Scribbler 3D pen V3 and they look to be leaping out of the paper. Not to mention if the person drawing is an artist or a creative person, the effect will be absolutely stunning. There is a plastic thread feeder which has 6 speed options available so you can adjust it according to your preference.

Things you can do with 3D pen

There is a whole lot of things one can do with 3D pens and unlike the 2D drawings we make on the paper with a pen, you use colored plastic in 3D pens to make all your drawings in 3D. The raised figures that you make from time to time really do look lifelike. 3D pens can also be used for great indoor activities. For example, you can draw the sides of a house and let the kids fill it with the drawings of their favorite cartoons or comics. After that, you just have to lift the drawings from the paper and assemble it however the way you want.


Product Dimensions are 6 x 2 x 4 inches and it weighs only 1 pound so that it is easy to carry and draw pretty much anything you’d like. The functionality of the 3D pens from different brands is the same but it is the quality of the product that varies. Scribbler 3D Pen V3 has a number of great features and a user-friendly design that make it a hot choice for anyone. The company has not only made cosmetic changes but also gave a new shape in the design. To put it shortly, the overall look of the 3D pen is much cleaner and sturdier than its competitors.

The 6 speeds given in the Scribbler 3D Pen give everyone the freedom to adjust the speed to comply with their speed and style of writing. The large screen on the pen is of great help in discerning the settings without getting worried that someone might have changed them. Last but not the least, there is an option to enter both PLA and ABS plastic which gives you total freedom to look for the best deals available when shopping for refills.

The ease-of-use and the versatility are the two factors that make it different as compared to the other brands. There is an option to change and control the temperature and you can also switch which plastic you want to use. The pen works in a way that it allows the user to pull in the air and thus attract 3D masterpieces. Since it is roughly 65g in weight, that makes it the perfect option for so many musicians to kids and even graphic designers to test their creative skills. Moreover, there are ABS filament of 1.75 mm each present in it.

Not only it has an attractive design but it is highly portable as well which is one of numerous reasons why it is one of the best options in 3D pens. It is generated with a wall surface charger so that it is highly portable and you can even take it with you to any place you want to go. So no matter if you are in a flight or far away from home, you can always draw something 3D with ease. It surely takes your innovativeness to a whole new level and lets you take your creative skills to the next level. There are a couple of cons of Scribbler 3D pen but the befits definitely outweigh this cons. The individual guide offers insufficient information on controlling the temperature and another thing is that the business identity is not clearly printed on the pen so it is easy to get tricked into buying a non-genuine pen. However, these concerns are of little importance as the numerous advantages make it a great choice.

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