Best 3D Printers of 2020 | Detailed Review for Professionals & Hobbyists

The 3D printers are quite effective and popular because of the rapid prototyping of designs and specialized industrial products. The solutions are quick and accurate. And here we represent best of best 3d printers.

Moreover, they are cost-effective and.

So, industries employ these printers for rapid prototyping.

There are advantages of 3D printing in terms of flexibility, speed, and cost. They find use in small production, prototyping, educational field, and small businesses.

Each of these handpicked models has been inspected carefully before listing them

The printers are definitely superior when compared to other industrial methods.
These days the Best 3D Printer for all Price Ranges are designed in a pretty cool way that is easy to understand and more affordable.

If you are looking for a 3D printer in different price ranges, it’s good to have a look at this guide.

We will specify the different aspects of the printers in all ranges. You can also print solid objects with them.

The high priced printers also offer flexibility to complete complicated tasks.
For your convenience, we have divided the printers under different heads:

  • 3D Printers under $1000
  • 3D Printers between $1000-$3000
  • 3D Printers between $3000-$5000

So let’s start with

Best 3D Printer of 2020

And here’s with Under $1000

1. ELEGOO Mars

Country: China

Build volume: 120 x 68 x 155 mm

ELEGOO, the expert manufacturer of 3D printers will give you the high-class experience with their UV photocuring Technology.

This printer is designed to deliver superior industrial designs along with a user-friendly system.It is suitable for everyone who has never used in 3D printing before.

You can choose from the latest models that can be set up with just 5 minutes.

It comes in a simple package that includes a printer, a resin tank, platform, a tool kit, a measuring cup, gloves, mask, scraper and user instruction.

  • The operation goes with the help of a 3.5-inch touch screen.
  • The connectivity is USB and Technology used is LED display for to curing.
  • The specifications make use of the Unique Steel ball design that only need the z-axis to return.

You can get the locked levelling screw for the start of printing.

You can get the large colourful printed structures that can be previewed with the SD card system.

The operation goes well with the Windows operating system.

The printer makes use of the real-time display printing process. The open-source software will work within 10 minutes. You can also save on setting it up while going through the photocuring process.

It has the integrated computer board to print directly just with the help of a USB. For that, you don’t have to connect the computer.

It will give you accurate printing due to the availability of the x-axis resolution of 0.001 85 inches.

The sturdy structure ensures that it is semi-assembled to allow you to start printing within just 5 minutes. There is an extraordinary user experience with theslicing software.

It takes only one minute to slice around 30 MB.

The software also takes up to 10 minutes. It will give you dramatic print with the Steel ball balancing.


2. Creality CR-10

Country: China

Build volume: 300 x 300 x 400 mm

The well-known reality 3D CR 10 printer fills the gap in the consumer-grade markets.

The best part is the exceptional, simple, and durable type operation. The model surpasses all expectations and is one of the most popular in the present-day market.

It will accomplish plenty of resources to improve the quality of printing.

    • The Great design is an excellent one for the beginners.
    • The size of the build plate is similar to some of the most high-end printers. The full height of the build spaces is around 15.5 inches. So, you will get the incredible build volume to make it an excellent choice for professionals, educators, students, and hobbyists.
    • The custom projects can be easily handled with the printer.
      It has the heated bed that goes to the temperatures up to 115 degree Celsius to provide necessary conditions for experimental filaments and high-quality exotic print.

The larger ergonomic levelling that comes with the 3D printer will give you the basics of experience level.

You can get accurate adjustments that lead to higher print quality. It will also give you better results with fewer problems.

The community-driven model is perfect and available on most of the social media website for the people who are looking for the improved basic design.
The printer has gone through reviews, upgrades, and troubleshooting to make it an exceptional model.

The hundred per cent high-quality extrusion frame made from Aluminium is a mark of quality.

The printer is a mark of the structural integrity, great quality control process and interoperability.

So, with this study model, you can meet with expectations and mechanical tolerance. The excellently engineered thermoplastic used in the wheels ensure that you will get stable temperature resistance and wear resistance.
The superior construction of the printer is a mark of high-quality Precision.

The z-axis works along with the lead screw during its operation. It will also safely protect the parts and valuable electrical components.

Even during the unexpected power Surge, there are no problems of the printer being damaged. You can get a safe operation with no flaws.

The 3D model slices the parts into its horizontal layers when compared to previous design 3D models.
This model stands out with the set of instructions for the hardware.

To get better operation, it makes use of the technologies from Cura and CR 10. For using the printer in a better way, you have to just ensure that the building surface or hotbed is levelled with the nozzle.

There is a watch in the printer that automatically prints the layers on top of each other. So, you will get incredible accuracy when you make use of it.
Removal of the finished model is also very easy.

You can take it from the hotbed and use it in the desired way. Understanding the procedure of using it is very easy.

Kids can also learn from it as it works in the form of an open-source printer designed for making everything. The extensive improvement glass printer will ensure that you can get printed models with better performance.

The POM engineering makes use of triangle slot ways to provide exceptional dimensional stability along with extended use. Moreover, the noise reduction feature ensures that you will not face any problem while using it in the offices.

There is a glass bead that is a mark of Reliability to ensure a 100% usable and Flat surface. The large build space will give you a perfect layer of lines whenever needed.

For experienced engineered design, the printer in the exceptional one that comes along with giving you a lifetime technical support. So, you can get guaranteed satisfactory result.

3. Monoprice 3D Printer $200

Country: USA

Print volume: 120 x 120 x 120 mm

the printer shows some exceptional features like nozzle cooling fan along with another mainboard cooling fan. It comes with an accessory kit for better guidance. The printer is an exceptional model with the all Metal nozzle, Wi-Fi, USB connectivity, and micro SD card.

    • The availability of the 3.7 inches IPS colour screen ensures that you will get compatibility in terms of the printed models.
    • The device is Windows and Mac compatible and has compatibility with Cura and other software.
    • The box contains a mini 3D printer filament holder, power cord, power adaptor, USB cable, MicroSD card, bed scraper, bed levelling wrench and PLA filament.

The low-cost 3D printer is out of the box model that has high-quality parts with complete documentation.

You don’t have to spend hours on the internet searching about how to set up the printer.

You will get everything in the manual described accurately for setting it up. Moreover, the printer comes fully assembled from the manufacturers and go under quality checks for verifying that the print bed is levelled.

You will get everything in the kit for use. The heated build-up plate works under several ranges of temperatures and allows the printer to work with any type of filament.

Besides, it also comes with the use of free and open-source software to get 3D printing experience.
The printer will give matching quality to your personal taste.

It comes with the improved version of the 3D printer structure in the world. There are the availability of metal nozzles, insulated build plate, upgraded cooling system and wireless connectivity.

So, you can start printing right now with this affordable 3D printing structure. Moreover, the compatibility with the ABS and PLA materials ensure that it is a compact design for small footprint and basic framework.

There is the availability of the quick release Steel gear filament feeder that is easy to use. So, kids and professionals can use it because it comes as a preloaded model with high-end connectivity.

The temperature that is used by it is around 482°F that is equivalent to 250° C. You can check the manual for all kinds of information related to the technical specifications before using it.

The power consumption is also optimum which is around 120 watt the build volume is 103. 8 cubic inches.

4. AnyCubic Photon S

Country: China

Build volume: 115 x 65 x 165 mm

The strong R& D team ranging from domestic to overseas design the simple, easy to use and practical model. So, the printer delivers high-quality 3D prints. This printer will meet with professional and daily life needs. You can also get the technical support and assistance from the professional team of experts. Technology supports using it at your home or offices.

    • Anycubic Photon is easy to set up the printer and excellently designed by the photon S workshop with the new slicing Experience.
    • It can size documents available in different formats. It is also perfectly compatible with Photon S and any cubic Photon.

Using the device is simple, but you have to make sure that the FEP movie is available on the vat. Then, you have to build the platform together and set the printing platform.

This is referred to as levelling. Here, you have to build the resin container together with the model and enjoy the world of 3D printing. The machine size and volume is compatible with print up to many sizes.

Moreover, it makes use of the head of Matrix UV lighting system with h a high-resolution screen of 2560 *1440 for contributing towards the uniform distribution of enhancement of prototype position and energy.

The availability of the z-axis linear design will improve the stability of the Z-axis and ensure a smooth surface. You can also get a detailed reconstruction with the detailed study for more enjoyment of the full print experience.

The availability of the air filtration system ensures that the 3D printer will work with the dual-fan and provide excellent ventilation.
It also applies an activated carbon air filtration method that reduces the divergence of smell.

It has a creative structure for more levelling. So, you can lower the platform down to the screen and feel the resistance while pulling the paper in between.

Tightening one screw will give the better levelling of the platform. You will also get refined details and a high degree of accuracy in terms of visual quality.

The super easy to set up a printer is entirely pre-assembled from the moment you take it out of the box.

So, you don’t have to level each corner. It is a great introduction to the field of 3D printing.

The availability of the dual z-axis makes the bed stable and helps with the movement for ensuring no distortion. It also comes with the upgraded LED array along with the UV upgraded lighting to favour resolution and accuracy.

Now be ready to get a new level User experience with the standard aluminium platform that enhances the quality and drive flexibility while printing.

There is also the availability of the double air filtration system to reduce the divergence of smells.


5. Creality Ender 3

Country: China

Build volume: 220 x 220 x 250 mm

The fully open source printer is a mark of quality from the reality 3D printers. With the talented technical staff, you can get the professional technical support at all times. It is devoted to providing the high quality and economical 3D prints with excellent after Sales Service. The printer is also improved in terms of its source code and changes.


    • Overall, it will give you an improved experience and takes only 5 minutes for reaching the temperature of 110° Celsius.
    • It has the ability to resume printing even during the power outage.
    • The upgraded extruder will greatly reduce the risk of plugging and bad extrusion.
    • It also comes with the shaped and upgraded wheels to make smooth and noiseless performance.

The branded power supply ensures fast heating that will give you reliable prints.

You can also Resume the printing function after occurrences of a power outage. There are no risks of nozzle destruction or bad extrusion.

The high-pressure printing ensures that you can get quality prints at your fingertips.

It is a suitable gift for the kids. The printer comes in the form of a semi-assembled kit of 3D printing that allows learning of the basic construction of 3D printing.

It is ideal for the STEM project. So, you can now get ready to invite imagination and innovation to drive your imagination into reality.

The easy-to-use Assembly comes with the several assembled parts that can be set up within only 2 hours. The advance extruder technology makes sure that you will get a reduction of plugging risk and extraction.

With the availability wheels, you can get better prints. Overall, the printing is noiseless, smooth and durable.

It is strictly checked for the components before delivery and is available with the lifetime technical


6. QIDI Tech X-Pro

Country: China

Build volume: 230 x 150 x 150 mm

The high-end technology is a mark of excellent printers. You will get high performance with this 3D printer that is designed provide flexibility to beginners and professionals. The favourable rate of this printer keeps it in the first place. It is useful for consumers and schools.

  • The printer is easy to set up and use because it doesn’t require too much maintenance.
  • It makes use of shiny Colours for artists and hobbyists and has the ability to print objects with more than one type of colour.

Besides, it also makes use of multiple filament types. It can meet with the tastes of the designers and other professionals.

The outstanding print quality will be reliable for your needs. The dual extruder assembly comes with the added turbofan that gives flexibility. The feature ensures better print quality.

The print Precision lies within 0.05 to 0.4mm. Moreover, the print speed ranges from 60 to 150mm. The maximum temperature of the nozzle is around 250° Celsius.

It is compatible with the printing of PLA, ABS and two colours printing.

The removable plate also comes with the movable extrusion metal plate and is convenient for removing the model after printing.

It also helps to minimise the damage of parts. Overall, the printer is widely appreciated by the users.

The heating belt comes with an aviation-grade plate made from aluminium that can be heated up to 110° Celsius.

The availability of the power breaking point function ensures that a breakpoint can be saved for the continuation of printing in case of a power outage.

During the printing process, you will still get the printer working to save the breakpoint.

Isn’t that interesting? The recent slicing software is also an exceptional one to provide unique auto slice function based on quality preferences and time.

The printer is an easy one with its compatibility. The simple 3D software development of the 4.3-inch touchscreen ensure that you will get large and user-friendly interface during the whole procedure.
You can also monitor the real-time printing status that makes it precise in terms of operation.

In case you find problems regarding the printer, you can contact the customer support team to help you. The printer comes equipped with the latest dual extrusion technology and overall leading position for making it a perfect one for engineers, hobbyists, and professionals.

It also comes with an upgraded 4.3-inch touchscreen that makes it easier in terms of print production.

The model is a convenient one with the upgraded parts like mainboard, motor mechanical structure, and everything else.


Here’s Printers between $1000 -$3000

1. DremelDigilab 3D45

Country: USA

Maximum build volume: 255 x 155 x 170 mm

The printer is an exceptional model for unsurpassed reliability. There are no problems like extruder getting clogged up. The proprietary technology ensures that the printer is engineered for running smoothly as butter There will be no requirement for regular repairs.

    • It makes use of Advanced materials like Eco ABS, nylon and PLA for minimising the properties of functional injection of the moulded parts.
    • It makes use of a heated plate that works as a robust extruder for allowing printing with advanced materials.

It is designed by and for the engineers with the 22 patients per working day.

The bosch engineers ensure that the 3D 45 printer is a mark of the next-generation innovations.

Besides, the filament recognition of the printer ensures that it will be updated for optimal extruding capability and building plate temperature.

It also makes use of the RFID equipped filament that makes it an exceptional model. The printer is Wi-Fi enabled and comes as a part of the Dremel print cloud.

So, you can now slice the files online and print them accordingly from anywhere.

All you need is a simple Internet connection. It will incorporate the use of the smart sensor Technology for effortless and accurate calibrations.

With this model, you can also get the availability of the 720p HD camera for management of the fleet and capturing time-lapse videos.


2. Makerbot Replicator+

Country: USA

Build volume: 152 x 190 x 196 mm

MakerBot Replicator+ 3D Printer is a well-engineered and tested model for big fast and reliable printing. The genuine printer comes with all the high-grade specifications to make it stand out of the crowd. It makes use of the faster, easier, and bigger build Volume. It is a combination of powerful, workflow tools and market-based applicators.

    • The streamlined desktop 3D printing pattern is perfect for educators and professionals.
    • You can get improved performance with the study construction and bigger build volume. So, it provides better print adhesion.
    • The applicator is completely compatible with PLA filament bundle.

It is elegantly created for designers and engineers. You can print and monitor the project from the browser straight to the 3D printer.

It makes use of the integration program to start the printing in just two clicks. The smart technology in this printer is a boon of the Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is streamlined for automated Zooming and built.
The 3D printer is perfect for classrooms and office.

It comes with the flex build plate maintenance that is easy and quick. You can also make use of random materials without flipping the printer around. The software is optimised and streamlined for the 3D process.

It also works for discovering, management preparation and sharing of 3D prints. it reduces the number of files for management and elimination of the requirement for converting files to an STL format.

So, there are no problems with conversion errors. The printer comes with a detailed interface that makes it supportive for the users.

Here’s 3D Printers between $3000-$5000

1. Ultimaker 3

Country: Holland.

Build volume: 197 x 215 x 200 mm.

Ultimaker, the Dutch fused deposition modeling 3D printer brand designs these exclusive 3D printers with a dual extruder and accuracy up to 20 microns. So, with this high-end model, you will get fruitful results.

    • Ultimaker 3 is a remarkable model for accurate prototypes in all sectors.
    • The availability of decent 197 x 215 x 200 mm build volume, with the built-in camera to monitor prints remotely makes this device stand out.
    • You can connect via WiFi, USB, or Ethernet. The procedure to do so if very simple.

Moreover, the Ultimaker 3 has an auto levelling system that will ensure that the prints will be delivered smoothly.

If you’re looking for a high-end 3D printer in the range of $3000-3500, this model is well equipped in terms ofspeed, accuracy, and equipment.

Finally, its time to describe the costliest yet industrial level printer.

2. Raise3D Pro2

Country: China

Build volume: 305 x 305 x 300 mm

The competitive and saleable 3D printer improves over the competitors by providing next-generation performance.

    • It comes with the electronically driven lifting and increased stock performance
    • The diverse filament compatibility with the printer ensures long-lasting durability.

It also comes with a huge built volume with a minimum of 0.01mm.


The 7-inch touch screen comes with the resume print after power outage compatibility.

It is wireless along with the 32-bit Motion Control Board. You can also call the support team for guidance. The one-year limited warranty with the printed ensures that you can use it for industrial purposes also.


Final Things:

I hope you have liked the review of the best 3D printer for all price ranges. Choose the one that will fit your objectives. After going through the specifications, you will get a better idea.

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